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[VA] 11. capricious

capricious  (a) /kəˈprɪʃəs/

  • unpredictable, tending to change abruptly for no apparent or logical reasons
  • Synonyms: flighty, changeable, impulsive, & fickleMore difficult synonyms: erratic, whimsical, volatile & mercurial 
  • A caprice (/kəˈpriːs/is a sudden change of mind or change in the emotions. A person or a thing that is capricious is subject to caprices, to abrupt, unpredictable changes.
    • He’s so capricious his mood changes with the wind.
    • New England has a capricious climate.
    • The stock market is notoriously capricious.
  • Note the difference in pronunciation between capricious & caprice, don’t say /kəˈprʃəs/, capricious should rhyme with delicious.