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[VA] 10. congenial

congenial (a) /kənˈdʒiːnɪəl/

  • sympathetic, agreeable, compatible, kindred, harmonious, having the same taste, nature or temperament.
  • Congenial persons have similar or sympathetic tastes, interests or personalities. Congenial things agree, go well together.
  • Antonyms: alien, dissident, & incongruous

[VA] 9. pragmatic

pragmatic (a) (Brit. /pragˈmatɪk/ , U.S. /prægˈmædɪk/)

  • practical, having to do with actual practice, concerned with everyday affairs as opposed to theory or speculation.
  • pragmatic comes from the Latin pragmaticus (which means skilled in business or law). The lawyer is concerned with evidence and proof; the business person is concerned with facts and figures. Both have little time for speculation, both must be pragmatic – concerned with practical, everyday affairs.

[VA] 8. saturated

saturated (a) /ˈsætjʊəreɪtɪd/

  • soaked, thoroughly wet, full of moisture
  • Synonyms: drenched, steeped, permeated, impregnated, imbued & sodden.
  • to saturate means ‘to soak or wet thoroughly’, either literally, as in “My French fries are saturated with oil.”, or figuratively – “The company saturated the media with ads for its new products.”
  • saturation is the corresponding noun.

[VA] 7. adept

adept /əˈdɛpt/ 

[VA] 6. morose

morose  (Brit. /mɒˈrəʊs/ , U.S. /mɔˈroʊs/ /məˈroʊs/)

  • gloomy, moody, glum, grumpy, ill-tempered, depressed.
  • Sentence:
    • After weeks of futile job hunting, he became morose.
  • More difficult synonyms of morose include: dolorous (which means mournful, full of sadness), lugubrious (which means extremely gloomy or dismal), and saturnine (which means having a bitter disposition or sour outlook on life).
  • Antonyms include: optimistic, jovialsanguine (which means having a cheerful confident outlook on life).
  • sullen & morose are close in meaning. When you refuse to speak or associate with people because you’re in a bad mood, you’re being sullen. When you are depressed and silent because you’re feeling bitter or resentful, you are morose. Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary 10th Ed says that morose suggests bitterness, or misanthropy (mis-anthropy is hatred of humankind, a spiteful or pessimistic attitude about the human race).

[VA] 5. candor | candour

candor | candour /ˈkændə(r)/

  • frankness, openness, sincere expression
  • Synonyms: straightforwardness, outspokenness, forthrightness & ingenuousness 
  • Candor is the noun, the adjective is candid (frank, open, sincere).
  • The candid person expresses his or her thoughts frankly and openly, with no hesitation. The forthright person speaks directly to the point, plainly and sometimes bluntly in a no-nonsense manner. The ingenuous person speaks honestly and sincerely, with no hint of evasiveness or deception.

[VA] 4. uncanny

uncanny /ʌnˈkæni/

  • eerie, strange, weird, mysterious –> an uncanny experience
  • uncanny may refer to something that is strange in an unnatural or unearthly way, something whose strangeness is unsettling or even frightening.
  • uncanny may also be used to mean ‘beyond what is normal or expected, strange in a remarkable or marvelous way’
    –> an uncanny resemblance, or uncanny ability.